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Establishment / Densification of Geodetic Triangulation Points with GNSS, Static GPS Observations

Measurements with GPS and Total Station and Network Adjustment

Details Measurements with Electronic Total Station, Processing of Row Data

Creation of CAD&DTM Files with Enhanced Mapping Software

Producing 1:1000 & 1:5000 scale Map for Various Purposes; Urban Infrastructure Project Design and Urban Planning

Preparing large scale Maps for Dam & Hydro Electrical Power Plant Desing Activities (HEPP)


To meet the special requirements of the institutions by processing and analysing the satellite images;

Creation of Image Maps in 1:50,000 – 1:2,400 Scales for Land and Urban GIS Projects by Using Sattelites Image Data

Creation of  Digital Elevation Models (DEM) for Pre-Engineering Projects

Existing Situation and Contour Map for Master Urban Planning

Supplying Geographical Data for Management of Water Resources and Water Basins

Supplying Geographical Data for Environmental Disaster and Crisis Management

Geographical and Attribute Data Supplying for Building Permitting and Taxation Works

Agricultural Product Applications

Determination of Illegal Product

Forest Feasibility and Management

Determination of Environmental Effects

Oil / Natural Gas Exploration Research

Route Definition


Consultancy on the Use of Aerial Photographs and Photogrammetry

Planning and Implementing Flight Missions for the Capture of Vertical Aerial Photography

Production of Large and Small Scale Maps

Creation of Digital Topography, CAD Files and GIS Base Map Data-Sets

Production of Orthophotos and Mosaics

Three-Dimensional Terrain Modelling (DEM, DTM)